by Tatyana

Tatyana is a designated expert in Hairdreams Hairextensions. She is a Hairextensions Stylist of several high profile Celebrities: Movies, Television, Music, Entertainment Stars, CEO's and Executives throughout the country and Italy. Tatyana is the foremost premiere Hairdreams Hairextensions Stylist in the West Coast.

I have been in the beauty industry for over 25 years in Europe and the USA. I specialize in the art of beauty by working with hairextensions, through hair design and my knowledge of the art of makeup and its application. My love for the art of makeup transfers to my hands and they become "The Hands of a Magician." With the correct tools in my hands, I can create the most natural look to the most glamorous, high fashion and in-between.

When it comes to my work, I am not just trying to make my clients pretty. I am trying to open for them their uniqueness, evoke their inner radiance and enhance their beauty.

My haircut is not just an ordinary haircut. It is great combination of many components: facial feature, hair texture and overall look, plus my experience and talent are multiplied by my love of my work and an understanding of my mission to create a style that will best suite the client's personality and lifestyle.

My work includes hair styling and makeup artistry for studio print, headshots, weddings, special occasions, movies (HD, film), TV, and more... I would really like to help you create your new look... sexiest and most beautiful look you have ever dreamed about.

- Sincerely yours, Tatyana

what we do


  • Hair Services
    • Hairextension - Hairdreams 100% human
    • Microline - Hairdreams 100% human
    • European Hair Styling for Men and Women
    • Cutting, Coloring, Highlighting and Perming all types of hair
    • Conditioning, Repair and Hair Straightening with Yuko System products
  • Makeup and Hair Styling
    • Wedding and Special Occasions
    • Makeovers For Rehearsal Dinners
    • Makeovers For Proms
    • Birthday Makeup Parties
    • Senior and Social Events
    • Beauty Pageants / Fashion Show
    • Makeup for Models
  • Professional Photo Sessions and Video Shoots

    We also have best of photographers from the fashion industry, who understands the current trend, style and format as required by clients

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